136 Second Street, Suite 500
Henderson, KY 42420

Kyndle Country

Henderson and Webster counties in northwestern Kentucky make up Kyndle country – where the Kentucky Network for Development, Leadership and Engagement is the shared spark for economic development, industrial recruitment and business advocacy.

Kyndle country is where southern hospitality mixes with Midwestern work ethic and the heartland’s pride in place and purpose. It’s where people are happy to see you, happy to do a good day’s work and happy to share the fruits with family, friends and neighbors.

Kyndle country is where the great Ohio River meets the Green River in a nexus of interstate highway, rail, air and water transportation options. One day’s drive puts your product on the doorstep of two-thirds of the population of the United States.

Kyndle country is where nearby Evansville, Ind., has big city amenities in entertainment and commercial air travel, while Kyndle’s communities celebrate their small town and rural lifestyles and are able to offer all the advantages of running a business or locating an industry in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Kyndle also serves as the chamber of commerce for Henderson County while supporting the efforts of chambers in the other three counties and working to advance educational excellence, top quality healthcare and our many diverse opportunities to enjoy sports and outdoor recreation, entertainment and the arts.

Now that you are in Kyndle country we’re glad to have you!