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MAY 6, 2019
The Chamber of Commerce recently recognized outstanding educators in the community that have made an impact on student achievement. Recognition was divided in four (4) categories.

• Veteran (Experienced) Educator – an educator who has taught for more than five (5) years in Henderson County. ( currently employed as an educator)
• Rookie Educator – an educator who has taught less than five (5) years in Henderson County.
• Post-Secondary Educator – an educator who teaches at the post secondary level in Henderson County
• Education Supporter – a person who may or may not work for the educational system that has provided direct educational support and encouragement to students to enhance student educational attainment in Henderson County.

The award winners were presented with the award at their school during an assembly with staff and students. The award winners will also be recognized on individual billboards located in Henderson County during the month of May.
The following persons were recognized for their outstanding contribution to education in Henderson County.

Brian Sullivan 2
Brian Sullivan – Henderson County High School Math Teacher
2019 Veteran Educator of the Year
Quotes from nomination letter: “Mr. Sullivan is simply the best teacher I have had the privilege to know. He works tirelessly to ensure that his students are fully challenged in their math studies. Mr. Sullivan is an extremely intelligent man and by example, he has convinced these kids that “smart = cool.” I believe that Henderson County High School , its students and our entire community are blessed to have him as a teacher, coach, mentor and role model. He genuinely cares about all of his students and strives to make them all smarter, more responsible and better people.”

Reid Thomas teacher one
Reid Thomas – East Heights Elementary Fifth Grade Teacher 
2019 Rookie Educator of the Year
Quotes from nomination letter: “ Mr.Thomas spends many hours outside of school time adjusting his curriculum to fit each individual child’s needs. He spend many summer hours developing a challenging and comprehensive reading program not only to bring his struggling readers to grade level but to challenge his proficient readers as well to new levels of engagement.”

Tony Fanok
Tony Fanok – Henderson County High School - Attendance Specialist
2019 Support Educator of the Year 
Quotes from nomination letter: “Mr. Fanok has impacted student achievement in many ways. He was the first school resource officer in Henderson County. He was with the police department for 22 years and has been with the Henderson County School system for 12 years. He was on the forefront of the safe school initiative. Tony just has a way about him. Tony has the ability to bring people together regardless of circumstance and make them feel special. Not only does he help student while they are students, they know they can come back for help in attaining jobs.”

Kara Becker
Kara Becker – Henderson Community College – Associate Professor of Chemistry 2019 Post Secondary Educator of the Year
Quotes from nomination letter: “Ms. Becker is one of those great instructors. When you walk into her classroom she always makes you feel welcome. She encourages all of her students. She has a noticeable passion for what she does. Students’ call her “Becker.” They have since high school when she taught at HCHS, and it carried over to the college and it is truly an endearment. While many students show trepidation about taking college chemistry, they always leave “Becker's” classes feeling good about their accomplishment. Kara is more than a teacher, more than a chemist, as an advisor as well, Kara inspires her students.”

Thank you to our sponsors for the 2019 Educator of the Year awards:
• Pittsburg Tank and Tower
• Alexander, Thompson, Arnold CPA Firm
• Independence Bank
• Evansville Teachers Credit Union