What is Kyndle?

Kyndle -- the Kentucky Network for Development, Leadership and Engagement – provides economic development and industrial recruitment leadership for Henderson, Union and Webster counties in northwestern Kentucky. It also serves as the chamber of commerce for Henderson County while supporting the efforts of chambers in the other three counties.

Where is Kyndle?

The Kyndle region composed of Henderson, Union and Webster counties lies in northwestern Kentucky in the lower Ohio River valley bordered by Southwestern Indiana and Southern Illinois. Kyndle is headquartered in Henderson, Ky.

How Do I Contact Kyndle?

Reach Kyndle at 270-826-7505 or info@kyndle.us. The mailing address is 136 Second St., Suite 500, Henderson, KY 42420. Or contact us now.

Why Join Kyndle?

Joining Kyndle gives small business owners access to valuable networking events, seminars and consulting services. Kyndle stakeholders also enjoy discounts on goods and services, many promotional opportunities and member-to-member referrals. Kyndle’s economic development efforts and advocacy on government issues benefit the entire four-county region, especially small businesses.

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Is There Still a Chamber of Commerce?

Yes, Kyndle serves as the chamber of commerce for Henderson County and collaborates with chambers in Union and Webster counties.

How Has Kyndle’s Chamber Division Gone Regional?

Kyndle actively reaches out to chambers of commerce in Union and Webster counties to support their functions and emphasize issues that are important in each community. Representatives of all four counties serve on Kyndle’s key Commerce Council where members regularly report on each chamber’s activities and areas of concern.

What is the Taking Care of Business Committee?

The Taking Care of Business Committee helps those planning to start or expand a business navigate through government’s regulatory, planning and permitting processes. The committee also generates proposals on how government agencies can streamline their functions in the area of business development and expansion. Call Kyndle at 270-826-7505 to make our Taking Care of Business Committee your new advocate.

Does Kyndle Offer Gift Certificates?

Yes, Kyndle gift certificates are redeemable for food, goods and services at more than 50 local businesses. Gift certificates come in denominations of $10, $15 and $25. Visit Kyndle’s offices on the fifth floor of the Soaper Building at Second and Main streets in Henderson or call 270-826-7505 to purchase gift certificates.

How Can I Locate a Building or Site for My New Business or Industry?

The Kyndle region is home to close to a dozen primary industrial parks, numerous commercial developments and varied industrial and commercial buildings to fit every need. Qualifying industrial companies can receive local and state incentives that make this region very attractive for relocations and expansions. Contact Vice President for Economic Development Donna Crooks at donna@kyndle.us or call Kyndle headquarters at 270-826-7505 to get your site search started.

What is the Northwest Kentucky Training Consortium?

The Northwest Kentucky Training Consortium is a non-profit organization partnered with Kyndle that delivers job specific training for business and industry in Henderson, Union and Webster counties. The NKTC director is Betsy Wells-Jones, available at 270-826-7505, 877-434-3766 or betsy@nktc.org. For more information, visit www.nktc.org.

What is the Kyndle Entrepreneurship Center?

The Kyndle Entrepreneurship Center at Kyndle headquarters has four entrepreneurial suites available for low-cost rent. The center offers new business owners wireless broadband, business mail and package service, use of a copier and 24-hour access to a private voicemail box, plus access to a separate conference room or training room as available. Training also is available on topics such as business plans, credit repair, marketing, legal issues and bookkeeping. For more information, contact Stephanie Lucas at 270-826-7505 or Stephanie@kyndle.us.

What is the Work Ready Community Program?

The Work Ready Community certification program assures employers that a local workforce has the talent and skills necessary to staff existing jobs and learn the technologies new jobs require. To become certified, counties have to meet criteria in six areas including high school graduation rate, National Career Readiness Certificate holders, demonstrated community commitment, educational attainment, soft-skills development and digital literacy. Henderson County was the fourth Work Ready Community in Kentucky. Union County has received its Work Ready in Progress certification while Webster County is on its way to becoming certified as well.

What is the Kentucky Small Business Development Center?

The Kentucky Small Business Development Center provides free training, market research and consulting services for new ventures and existing businesses. KSBDC representative for the Kyndle region, Lois Decker, is available by appointment at Kyndle headquarters in Henderson. To schedule a meeting or for more information, call Lois at 270-926-8085 or email lois.decker@murraystate.edu.

What is the Office of Innovation and Commercialization?

The Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development’s Office of Innovation and Commercialization leads the state’s efforts to encourage business innovation and build technology-driven and research-intensive industries. For more information, contact Joe Berry at the Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corp. at 270-926-4339 or jberry@owensboro.com.

What is the Kyndle Education Foundation?

The Kyndle Education Foundation supports youth services and educational excellence throughout the three-county Kyndle region. To contribute to the Kyndle Education Foundation or seek information about foundation grant applications, contact Kyndle at 270-826-7505 or info@kyndle.us.

What is C-LINK?

C-LINK stands for Chamber Leadership Initiatives for Northwestern Kentucky. It includes 12 chambers of commerce in 10 counties: Henderson, Union, Webster, Breckinridge, Daviess, Hancock, Hopkins, Muhlenberg and Ohio. C-LINK advocates for the prosperity and quality of life of the more than 3,000 chamber members and 300,000 residents in those counties. At the top of C-LINK’s current agenda is the total completion of Interstate 69 in Kentucky, including a new Ohio River bridge in Henderson County.

What is BridgeLink?

BridgeLink is a non-profit group created by Kyndle and the Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Its sole focus is to advocate for building the new Interstate 69 bridge between Henderson and Evansville, Ind.

Kyndle would like to thank The Gleaner and Union County First for the use of images throughout this site.