10 Things I Think You Need to Know for Jan. 19

1) Kyndle Stakeholder and former Commerce Council member Mike Hazelwood of E.M. Ford & Co. Insurance recently hosted a Kyndle Newcomers Luncheon, in which recent arrivals to Henderson, or former residents who have gone away and come back, offer their impressions and observations about our community to Kyndle staff. More than a dozen invitees participated. Among their more notable comments:

a) The friendliness and welcoming nature of the people of our community are one of its biggest assets.

b) We need grocery stores with more selection, although they appreciate how inexpensive our current grocers are.

c) The downtown and riverwalk are cool, but still underutilized. They're surprised when acquaintances from Evansville think of Henderson as only the U.S. 41 strip.

d) They initially had trouble finding things (apartments, some services, etc.), but colleagues at work who are residents helped them, and once they had that "inside information" they found everything they needed very easily. (But that begs the question why 'inside info' is needed.)

e) Henderson is an easy, inexpensive place to live with lots of amenities, either here or nearby. 

f) Henderson is trying hard to be better. They could see that and admire the effort.

We'll report on future Kyndle Newcomer Luncheons, which I find refreshing and helpful as we consider the things we're trying to accomplish.  

2) Do you enjoy delicious, innovative cuisine, fine wines, premium bourbons, decadent cigars, live music and stimulating conversation? Do you want to help the Interstate 69 bridge over the Ohio River get built? Well, you can mix all those together in one amazing evening on Jan. 29 at the Evansville home of Dr. Mark and Donna Logan when they host the BridgeLink Experience. From 6 to 8 p.m. that night great food, spirits and more will highlight a fun, exclusive event whose proceeds will benefit advocacy efforts for the bridge. Tickets are $250 each and will be limited to just 80 guests. A portion of the ticket cost is tax deductible. Email me at brad@kyndle.us to find out more. 

3) Henderson County recently was re-certified as a Work Ready Community. More information about what that means is available here
4) Did you know Henderson County is one of just a handful in the state that require able-bodied food stamp recipients between the ages of 18-50 and without dependents to either volunteer, work or go to school for at least 20 hours a week to receive benefits? I say that's good thing.

5) Sacramento Deposit Bank will host The Art of Budgeting, a refresher course on personal financial management, at 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 25 at the McLean County Extension Office, 335 W. Seventh St., in Calhoun. All are welcome.

6) It's great to see Union County native and former Miss Kentucky Mallory Ervin doing commercials again for Dempewolf Ford.

7) Webster County students have been learning some amazing life lessons by helping others. 
8) This week marks the first Kyndle email subscribers will be receiving Frankfort Inside Out, the regular update on the 2016 General Assembly session produced by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. FIO is a handy, easy-to-read summary of what's happening in Frankfort that focuses on issues and bills that affect the state's business community. We don't necessarily agree with all the positions or opinions of the Kentucky Chamber, but their government affairs staff does a tremendous job providing important information for business owners. Be looking for it. 

9) In memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, a 2013 story by Frank Boyett about local pastor Anthony Brooks, who marched with the great civil rights activist. 

10) Lots of great Kyndle events coming up. Check out the calendar here

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