10 Things I Think You Should Know for Nov. 30

1) Nominations are open until noon today for the 2015 Kyndle Small Business of the Year Awards. we give out two awards, one for businesses with 0 to 10 employees and one for businesses with 11 to 50. Nomination information about the event, 7:30 a.m. on Dec. 10 at Henderson Country Club, is here

2) The featured speaker that morning will be David Matthews, a longtime Tr-State real estate appraiser who also has become know for statistical compilations of regional business data trends. He publishes an annual report that offers interesting insight into what's happening in our local economy, a good chunk of which is driven by, or touches, real estate.

3) The City of Henderson's move to create something positive at the site of the old train depot rather than have it sit as a non-performing asset on the city's finances is both forward-thinking and innovative. The city will basically give the depot to Hendersonian Michael Martin, owner of Architectural Renovators, and also offer $80,000 in assistance in what will undoubtedly be a pretty expensive rehab effort on the 100-plus-year-old structure. If Martin can turn the Depot into usable commercial space, and his past work shows he can, then the building will begin to flow property taxes and other revenues back to the city instead of being a drain on resources. 

4) Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell is adamantly opposed to what President Obama says he intends to do at this week's United Nations climate meetings in Paris. 

5) Five secrets every millennial salesperson should know

6) It's Cyber Monday. Don't forget you can shop local today, too. Several local businesses have their own websites through which you can buy merchandise. Google them first before you look elsewhere. Or you can email info@kyndle.us and we can arrange to have handy dandy Kyndle gift certificates mailed directly to you to give out this Christmas. 

7) Congratulations to the Providence Chamber of Commerce's 2015 Business of the Year, Big Dogs' Gym, owned by Rickie and Theresa Phillips.

8) An iconic Kyndle Country business, Meacham Hams near Sturgis, just celebrated its 83rd anniversary. It's safe to say Christmas is their busiest time of year. 

9) Congratulations to Sandefur Farms of Calhoun, winners of the 2015 Farmer of the Year award, handed out at the McLean County Harvest Breakfast last week. The event is cohosted by the McLean County Chamber of Commerce and the McLean County Extension Service

10) Lots of informative and valuable events are coming up on the Kyndle calendar. Check it out here

The 10 Things Businesses of the Week are Raben Tire and Bugg Realty.

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