10 Things I Think You Should Know for Nov. 2 ...

1) Tuesday is election day. Lots of important decisions for voters, both locally and statewide. Exercise your Constitutional right to participate in government by voting. Here's a list of polling places arranged by precinct in Henderson County. If you're not familiar with which precinct you're located in or where to vote, call your local county clerk's office. In Union County the number is  (270) 389-1334; in Henderson County (270) 826-3906; in Webster County (270) 639-7006 and in McLean County  (270) 273-3082.

2) Good summary of the background on the Henderson County Schools' Nickel Tax proposal and the consequences of either a "yea" and "nay" vote by Keegan O'Daniel. Kyndle supports the Nickel Tax.

3) Speaking of schools, Kentucky's education efforts as a whole are truly improving. Last month saw the release of the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores in math and reading for the nation's fourth and eighth graders. This summary is often called the Nation's Report Card. Bottom line: Kentucky was one of the highest scoring states in reading. While the national score showed an average of 221, Kentucky’s fourth-grade reading scores were 228. The eighth-grade results showed students across the U.S. scoring an average of 264 while Kentucky students scored 268. In mathematics, Kentucky’s fourth-grade students scored slightly higher than other states. There are fewer than ten other states that scored higher than Kentucky in this category.

4) Kentucky ranked 28th overall in a recent Forbes magazine list of the best states in which to do business. The state would have ranked much higher if not for a 46th-place showing in one of the key categories used to develop the overall ranking: labor supply. With a low average unemployment rate of 5 percent in a state of only 4.4 million, and the number of folks on disability in the state at an above-national-average rate of 6.6 percent, the remaining talent pool is shallow. 

5) Henderson County Fiscal Court will have first reading of proposed occupational and net profits taxes at its regular meeting this Tuesday. Judge-executive Hugh McCormick met with Kyndle's Industrial Liaison Committee and executives from other companies in the county last Friday to answer questions, explain the need for the taxes and get feedback. The discussion was open and frank. 

6) UK Extension Agent Cary Hicks hosted last week a series of forums on future economic development possibilities for McLean County. For those who wanted to attend but couldn't, here's an online survey you can take to provide feedback.   

7) At last week's Webster County Fiscal Court meeting, Robards Mayor David Sellars expressed concerns about the company AgRenew locating near 4 Star Industrial Park. I'm glad our Vice President of Economic Development Donna Crooks was there to once again address the mayor's worries. To be clear, AgRenew won't be in 4 Star Industrial Park, but on a lot owned by 4 Star on Quinn's Landing Road just east of the park and adjacent to the large sewage treatment plant that serves the area. 

8) Union County First is accepting applicants for the 2016 class of its Leadership of Union County, KY (LUCKY) leadership program. The Henderson Leadership Initiative (HLI) is taking 2016 applications as well. 

9) The news about Century Aluminum's possible layoffs at its Sebree smelter is frustrating, but brighter days are ahead for both that facility and the rest of the Kyndle region. Our staff works morning, noon and night to improve the economic vitality of our four counties and their people. Thanks to great public and private sector partnerships with Kyndle, the terrific businesses that already call northwest Kentucky home, and the amazing folks who live here, we are succeeding. Minor bumps in the road won't slow us down. 

10) Lots of great educational seminars, networking events and fun stuff coming up on the Kyndle calendar. Check it out here.

Kyndle would like to thank The Gleaner and Union County First for the use of images throughout this site.