10 Things I Think You Need to Know for Oct. 19

1) As usual, Gleaner Business Editor Chuck Stinnett's Sunday column was informative and entertaining, especially since he quoted me in it (shameless plug). The important highlight among the notes Stinnett lists is Alliance Coal's announcement that it will soon add 200 workers at its River View mine in Union County. Kyndle assisted the expansion by exploring the availability of state incentives for the new investment and helping craft language for a loan from the Union County Industrial Authority that River View will use for infrastructure that supports the new jobs. Guessing conservatively, the project will add around $14 million in payroll at the facility. That brings to more than 2,000 the number of jobs Kyndle (and its predecessor, Northwest Kentucky Forward) has helped attract, grow or retain in Henderson, Union, Webster and McLean counties since late 2010/early 2011. In that same time our organization has helped facilitate more than $150 million in capital investment in the region. And more is on the way.    

2) My friend Lance Allison directs the chamber of commerce in Panama City Beach, Fla. He used to head up the chamber in Murray, Ky. I got to visit with Lance last week as his chamber was preparing to host UNwineD: Vines to Steins, a two-day wine tasting/craft beer/food/music event at a public park. UnwineD drew more than 1,000 patrons, got some nice media coverage and helped connect potential customers with retailers. Could something cool like this happen in Henderson, now that the city commission has changed its alcohol ordinances to allow it? Stay tuned. 

3) Working with Millennials is a hot topic among management gurus and psychologists. Generational differences are always interesting challenges in the business world. Los Angeles Times reporter Chris Erskine. has a funny-but-serious opinion on the subject. The gist: Millennials need to meet the world halfway, including getting their heads out of their cellphones and learning to actually talk to people. 

4) Not too late to register for this Friday's Kyndle Leadership Series event, the Community Foundation of Henderson Nonprofit Leadership Seminar, which begins at 8 a.m. at One Life Church. The keynote speaker is Jayne Cravens, a Henderson native who is now a renowned expert on volunteerism. Call (270) 826-7505 or email info@kyndle.us to sign up.

5) A.J. Vogel is one of a handful of Hendersonians who often write letters-to-the-editor for The Gleaner's Opinion pages. His about face on the Nickel Tax raised some eyebrows, if for no other reason that he admitted he didn't know much about the subject when he wrote two previous letters opposing the tax. My take: Folks who write letters to The Gleaner while knowing little about the subject matter they reference is pretty much the norm. Fessing up to being wrong and changing their opinions based on new information is rare. Good for Mr. Vogel.     

6) Switching telephone and internet providers is always a cross-your-fingers sort of exercise. We've had our share of issues at Kyndle in the last 20 months since making a change. Apparently, so is Webster County Fiscal Court, which wants to talk with its new provider ASAP before problems get even more serious.   

7) Need a deer, pig or steer processed? Consider this new business in McLean County on Kentucky 56 just east of the Green River Bridge.

8) Just because ... The White House will soon announce the selection of a new model, the Boeing 747-8, to serve as Air Force One. It'll be the biggest, baddest, most technologically advanced presidential transport yet. Some details. And some history

9) The 2015 Kentucky corn and soybean harvest is looking strong, but as always there are caveats. Flooding in June hurt some farmers in our area, and market prices have remained sluggish, thanks in part to bin-busting production across the Midwest. Here's wishing a safe next few weeks for those still out in the fields taking in the crops.

10) Lots of great events, ribbon cuttings and informational sessions coming up on the Kyndle calendar. Check it out here

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