10 Things I Think You Should Know for Oct, 12

1) Congratulations again to Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group for winning the 2015 Kyndle Industry of the Year Award last week. Well-deserved. Pittsburg had added dozens of new jobs in the last year and is building 7,500 more square feet of office space to accommodate the growth. They do business all over the world. Beside the U.S., here's a map of countries where PTT has helped customers (designated by the pins). The list includes Iraq,Canada, Chile, Guam, Iceland, South Korea, Mexico, the Philippines, Portugal, Saipan and United Arab Emirates.:


2) Thanks also to Kentucky Distiller's Association President Eric Gregory, who gave the keynote at the Industry of the Year Award breakfast. Eric is a 1985 Henderson County High School graduate whose parents, Wayne and Tootsie,  operated the Dixie Mart on Clay Street for many years. Eric gave an informative and entertaining account of the growth of the bourbon industry in Kentucky at the breakfast. One of his organization's newest members is Kentucky Peerless Distillery in Louisville, owned by Hendersonian Corky Taylor. 
3) Thinking about starting a business? Own a business you'd like to grow? Have an idea you'd like to turn into a moneymaker? Then you need to call Alan Taylor at the Small Business Development Center, a free service for entrepreneurs who need help. Call Kyndle at (270) 826-7505 to learn more.

4) In case you missed it, Henderson County Schools and McLean County Schools were rated overall as "Distinguished," the top grade, in the most recent round of state testing. And Webster County Schools showed some of the most significant improvement, jumping up 90 places in the state rankings.   

5) The Community Foundation of the Henderson NonProfit Leadership Seminar, part of the Kyndle Leadership Series, is set for 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Oct. 23 at One Life Church in Henderson. The foundation has arranged for some terrific speakers that day who'll help any nonprofit staff member, board member or volunteer. RSVP today by calling (270) 826-7505 or emailing info@kyndle.us.

6)  Good to see the two candidates for Kentucky governor publicly supporting coal. Also, if you're interested in the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce's take on the upcoming election, it's voter's guide is available. 
7) The Cato Institute just released an interesting study showing federal employees make around $52,000 a year more than their private sector counterparts, counting pay and benefits. 

8) Tried new downtown eatery Hong Kong Foodie To-Go on Monday. Very tasty. They haven't joined Kyndle as Stakeholders yet. Encourage them to, if you visit the restaurant.

9) Got a message late last week about AgRenew, the beef products recycling company that has acquired property on Quinn's Landing Road near 4 Star Industrial Park with the intent of building a new technologically advanced plant there. And the call wasn't about potential smell or if the 4 Star board had somehow decided to start accepting nuclear waste or other toxic chemicals, as some have unfortunately suggested. No, the message was about finding out how to get a job at the new plant, which will pay $17 an hour to its entry-level employees. 

10) Lots of great events, ribbon cuttings and information opportunities coming up on the Kyndle schedule. Check it out.


Kyndle would like to thank The Gleaner and Union County First for the use of images throughout this site.