Kentucky Utilities - Substation Technician

Substation Technician A or B - Earlington
195 Hubert Reid Drive
Substation Operations
Assist others to install, maintain, troubleshoot, test, and repair substation equipment, structures, and associated components assigned to the Substation Construction and Maintenance (SC&M) group. Substation structure and equipment types include, but are not limited to, transformers, voltage regulators, circuit breakers and reclosers, bus, wood and steel structures, switches, and their various components and subsystems.
Two year degree in a pertinent electrical/electronics discipline is required. Successful participation and completion of electrical/electronics training received from the military may be considered in lieu of a two year degree.

Work experience directly associated with substation maintenance and testing may be considered in lieu of a two year degree. Such maintenance and testing will include, but not limited to, medium/high voltage transformer, circuit breaker, circuit recloser, protective relays, and regulators utilizing specialized test equipment and procedures. Such test equipment would include but not be limited to Power Factor Test set (Doble preferred), Megohm meter, TTR meter, Micro-ohm meter, high potential test set, circuit breaker timer, current transformer test set, and recloser test set. 

Minimum 2 years experience with substation construction and maintenance.
Must be successfully recommended from EEI test

Must have good literacy and communications skills

Employee must have a working knowledge of mathematics to perform various calculations such as ratios, electrical ratings, Ohm’s Law, areas, volumes, data trending, etc. encountered in normal work duties.

Employee must be able to recognize the electrical and physical hazards typical of this work. This includes handling energized conductors and wiring using the appropriate personal protective equipment

Must have a working knowledge of computer operating systems including use of PC’s for general applications such as word processing, databases and spreadsheets.

Certified welder desired.

Must have or qualify within a reasonable amount of time for a Commercial Drivers License (Class A) with the following endorsements: air brakes, tankers, and hazardous materials.

Residency per contractual agreement
Employee will be responsible for all the general and specific duties required in lower classifications for this line of progression

Operate mobile and communications equipment

Create a safe work environment anticipating and reacting to hazards as presented.  

Know OSHA and Company safety rules

Know time and material accounting procedures

Prepare materials, provide aid and anticipate needs of co-workers in the installation and/or maintenance of equipment

Know, understand, and follow all lockout tagout (LOTO) requirements.

Proficiency in the use of construction equipment, test equipment, vehicles, and tools required for troubleshooting, routine maintenance, and installation of equipment assigned to SC&M.

Work at elevated heights utilizing climbing, ladders, or aerial lifts.

Understand and utilize electrical prints, switching diagrams, technical manuals, maintenance and test procedures associated with employee’s assigned duties

Continue participation in a Training and Development program and develop a working knowledge of electrical fundamentals, electrical transmission and distribution equipment and it’s operation, and an intermediate skill level in routine SC&M functions through a combination of classroom, at home and On-The- Job Training (OJT) 

Demonstrate ability to install, maintain, and repair structure, switches, conductor, equipment, etc. and various subsystems and components.

Know procedures and equipment to use when working energized equipment and conductors – rubber gloves, hot sticks

Trained in CPR and First Aid
Mix of field and shop work. Exposure to heat, cold, rain, ice, etc. Frequent standing and walking.

Must be able to lift 75 lbs. from the ground to the height of 30 inches and 60 lbs. from waist level to chest on a routine basis; Typical equipment/materials that must be lifted includes but is not limited to tools, materials, parts, insulators; Able to climb up and down stairs and vertical and inclined ladders unassisted on a daily basis; Perform hand manipulations extended near floor level for extended periods of time on a routine basis


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