Kyndle lists 2015 Legislative Priorities

Kyndle Legislative Priorities for 2015


The Government Affairs Committee of the Kentucky Network for Development, Leadership and Engagement (Kyndle), chaired by Cyndee Burton, administrator of Mathew 25, has identified the following issues as legislative priorities for 2015:




1. Kyndle applauds the states of Kentucky and Indiana for continuing to work diligently toward the completion of Interstate 69 in our region.  


We urge the General Assembly to protect funds allocated for I-69 construction in our state and to continue to add the funding necessary to achieve its creation. We applaud the amount of support I-69 has in the road plan, including $2.5 million for an environmental impact study (EIS) for an I-69 Ohio River crossing. Kyndle asks legislators to work to move the availability of that EIS money from 2018 to 2016.  We also ask legislators to work with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to assure a long-term, toll-free route across the Ohio for local residents that would be both a compliment to the new I-69 bridge and provide the redundancy this region needs to assure that accidents such as barge collisions into the bridge or natural disasters won't result in a shutdown of traffic between Evansville and Henderson.      


Kyndle urges the General Assembly to create a revenue model for the state road fund that would produce more consistent funding for infrastructure projects and make it easier for KYTC to plan for the state’s future transportation needs.


Kyndle strongly encourages Congress, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the Federal Highway Administration to designate Interstate 69 as a Project of National and Regional Significance and include it in the new National Freight Network list.   


2. Kyndle supports legislation that would enable Kentucky to fully utilize public-private partnerships (P3) to complete infrastructure projects of all types and find more cost-efficient, effective ways to perform government functions.     


3. Kyndle supports efforts to modernize Kentucky telecommunication regulations so that broadband internet providers are more inclined to invest in the state and help all corners of the commonwealth have access to that vital service.


Economic Development


1. Kyndle believes adoption and enforcement of unreasonable regulations aimed at debilitating the coal-fired power industry or unnecessarily hampering agriculture businesses pose a significant threat to northwest Kentucky's overall economy.


The chamber urges the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet and the Kentucky General Assembly to continue to aggressively assert its authority as the primary administrator of delegated environmental programs. We encourage the cabinet to prevent any of the federal Environmental Protection Agency's attempts to overstep its oversight role when the EPA demands action that is inconsistent with past state regulatory actions or determinations.


We encourage the Cabinet to ensure that existing environmental laws and regulations are applied and enforced in a consistent, nondiscriminatory manner.


2. Kyndle urges the General Assembly to utilize coal severance funds as the legislature originally intended when the tax was passed in 1972 and distribute those funds appropriately to coal-producing regions.


3. Kyndle cheers the General Assembly's efforts at tax reform and hopes the ultimate goal is to make Kentucky's business and educational climate among the most attractive in the U.S. and foster strong economic growth.

4. We urge the General Assembly to pass legislation allowing special local option sales taxes that give cities and counties the opportunity to raise funds for specific, voter-approved projects.


5. Kyndle supports home rule legislation and revisions that enhance the ability of Kentucky cities to make local decisions. We believe all Kentucky cities should have the same options and opportunities.


Quality of Life


1. To improve Kentucky's status as one of the nation's least healthy states, Kyndle supports legislation that would provide tax and other incentives for businesses that implement wellness programs for employees.


2. We fully support the efforts of the General Assembly to curb the influx of heroin use in the state.


3. We fully support the process and importance of the Henderson Vision Plan.


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