New Spottsville Elementary School shown off; date set for student move-in

Henderson County School officials showed off a new two-story Spottsville Elementary School Monday night, which retains many traditional aspects -- such as a cupola that harks back to the original 1930s-era community school along the Green River -- but also boasts the latest in technology and improvements.

Some  of the "wow" factors included in the $17 million, 76,796-square-foot facility:

High-tech: A modern media center near the entrance is meant "to serve as the heart of the school."

That area features tech such as a 75-inch touchscreen computer. (Wall-mounted touch-screen computers -- which easily link up with the Chromebooks now being used by students and teachers districtwide -- are also featured in each classroom.)

All told, there's 72,000 linear feet of data cable strung through the new school. There's also two computer labs with 30 stations each, one on each floor.

Each classroom, along with the Chromebooks and large touch-screen computer that can be manipulated by up to 10 students at once, also has a document scanner and webcam. Teachers can use that to share a book or other document with students either visually or electronically.

The webcam allows classrooms to link up via video with another school or educator -- in another state or on the other side of the world.

There's also two different kinds of microphones (one hand-held and one "lavalier" or pendant style) to help students hear instruction, especially those that might have hearing issues.

"There's a lot of computers and a lot of technology," summed up Brian Bailey, HCS director of technology.

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