Letter from Tony Krampe – Policy Board Chair

Dear Stakeholders & Investors:

I am honored to serve as your new Chairman of the Kyndle Policy Board, and I want you to know that I am committed to helping Kyndle make our community and our region thrive.  I grew up in Henderson, came back here after school to establish my career in the banking industry at Old National Bank, and have raised my family here. I’m genuinely excited about several changes going on at Kyndle right now and want to make you aware of them.  Before introducing you to the changes, though, I would like to clarify what Kyndle is for those who may not be as familiar with it.

What is Kyndle?  Simply put – Kyndle provides two major arms of service for our stakeholders & investors.  One arm is THE Chamber of Commerce for Henderson County and all of its Chamber members.  The other arm is THE Economic Development engine for the region driving & advocating economic growth within Union, Webster & Henderson counties for all stakeholders & investors. Within each arm, there are multiple working committees tackling specific programs of work in areas ranging from Agriculture to Education on the Chamber side and Marketing to Workforce Development on the Economic Development side. 

Like any organization, Kyndle is not immune to the challenges that can occur with a merger and additionally changes in leadership & structure.  In recognizing that, the board & its CEO (Tony Iriti) have recently taken necessary actions to commit to the original intended mission & purpose of Kyndle. 

Some of those actions include filling the two recently created vacancies on the Policy Board with quality candidates and appointing a new Chairman.  Another is an adjustment of the Commerce Council and a refocus on the Chamber services to be provided.  That adjustment has brought back some well-seasoned members (including former original Kyndle merger Chairman – Rick Tappan) to provide guidance & leadership to the next generation of council members.  This new council will focus on a total “reboot” of the Chamber services provided to the Chamber members in Henderson County.  (For a detailed list of all the new board members & members of both councils, see the attached or visit the Kyndle website at www. Kyndle.us).   

Kyndle has not only made changes to the Commerce Council members but has also recently hired both Jordan Staples and Ellen Redding to the Chamber side of the organization to initiate the total “reboot” of the Chamber services.  Staples, the new Membership Sales Representative, is tasked with increasing Henderson Chamber of Commerce membership within Kyndle by reaching out to the surrounding businesses, making them aware of the benefits of Kyndle and providing them with excellent customer service.  Redding, the Interim Vice President for the Chamber of Commerce, is tasked with working with Staples and Kyndle staff to bring a new outline of membership benefits and levels of participation to the members and to help identify the chamber organization better within the Kyndle umbrella.  More communication & details regarding the specifics of the rebranding and rebooting of the Chamber services will be coming to you soon - STAY TUNED!

With these exciting changes being made, I can tell you that there is a new sense of energy & excitement growing in and around the Kyndle staff, its board, councils & committees!  I encourage ANY of our stakeholders & investors who have questions about what is going in Kyndle country to contact the Kyndle staff or myself.  I also invite and challenge any of those concerned stakeholders to become more involved in one of the many working committees available on both our Chamber & Economic Development side.



Tony Krampe – Policy Board Chair 

View a list of Policy and Council members here


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