AT&T Invested more than $700M to boost local networks

Story provided by The Lane

“Every day we hear of new communications technologies emerging, and many of those innovative products rely on easy access to high-speed internet,” said Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers. “That is why this continuing effort by private industry to invest in Kentucky’s communications network is so important for businesses and families throughout the commonwealth.”

“Access to fast communications infrastructure is a key ingredient of business growth, education and workforce development,” said Dave Adkisson, president and CEO of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. “We are thankful for the increased investment and connectivity and look to our policy makers to continue to be a driving force for the spread of top performing internet access to all of Kentucky’s schools, businesses and families.”

The AT&T LTE network now covers more than 400 million people in North America. By building out the 4G LTE network, AT&T is laying the foundation for 5G, the next advance in network technologies.

“We’re now speeding our wireless build out plans in Kentucky with millions of dollars dedicated to improving its mobile network,” said Hood Harris, president of AT&T Kentucky. “This investment will also pave the path to 5G mobile services in the years ahead.”

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