7 Habits of Highly Productive People (That Anyone Can Implement in Less Than 30 Days)

By Sujan Patel Co-founder of ContentMarketer.io

We seem to have a productivity problem in America. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, productivity has consistently been down over the past year, with no gains from quarter to quarter until recently: the third quarter of 2016 marks the first increase in measured productivity this year, with a 3.4% increase.

Productivity problems don't just happen at the employee level, either; business owners often struggle with productivity as well. This can stem from shifting focus to practices that don't provide immediate or long-term value, getting caught in small distractions, poor planning, not delegating, or using the wrong tools - these can all directly impact productivity and performance at the top. When leadership's performance falls, the problem will likely roll downhill. Simply put, ineffective or unproductive leadership can kill motivation and employee productivity while also affecting the ability to retain employees.The most successful business owners learn how to better manage their productivity, giving them more control over their time so they can focus on leading and growing their businesses. Here are 7 things they do that you should too.


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