Nine Reasons Your Brand is Failing at Social Media

Having an effective social media strategy may be one of the most important determinates to the success of your business. The old debate about whether your brand should participate in social media is long over. We all know that social media is an important component to communicating your brand messaging effectively. 

Merely having social media accounts and having an ‘expert’ running them isn’t enough. In fact, it is actually detrimental to your business to have someone who is anything less than exceptional running your social media and content marketing strategy and daily management.

We at Global Yodel Media Group are constantly amazed about how much money, time and brand equity are wasted by brands large and small because their social media program is failing. Your social media channels are the front line of your business. They are the access point to who you are and what you do and often your chance to make a first impression. Make sure you put your best foot forward. 

We have compiled 9 reasons your brand is failing at social media. We’ve also included 9 actionable ways to fix those problems.

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