Ervin Cable Construction to Expand Union County Headquarters

Kyndle announced Ervin Cable Construction LLC, a telecom construction company, will expand its headquarters in Sturgis with a $511,000 investment, a project expected to create 20 full-time jobs.
Ervin Cable President Brad Ervin said the company will continue working to improve the region's business climate and develop the local workforce.
"The latest expansion is expected to add 20 new positions and a 12,000 square foot facility that will house the corporate safety department, training grounds and additional warehouse space," he said. "We are lucky to have a state that supports the entrepreneurial spirit that our company thrives on."
Currently, the company employs 66 workers in administrative, accounting and customer service positions. The new jobs and additional space will prepare Ervin Cable for anticipated growth in fiber-related services.
Founded in 1980 in Sturgis by brothers Gary, Tim and Robert Ervin, the company began as a small construction operation providing cable TV design and aerial and underground construction work, primarily in Kentucky and Tennessee. Dycom Industries Inc. purchased it in 1999, allowing Ervin Cable to provide a wider variety of services throughout the Central, Eastern and Southeastern U.S. 
The company has now built or upgraded more than 15,000 miles of utilities in recent years in addition to working engineering projects at 188 locations across 27 states. Its specialties include services for telephone, electric, gas and community antenna TV.
Sen. Dorsey Ridley, of Henderson, said his personal acquaintanceship with the Ervin brothers assures him the company will do well going forward.
"Having known this family and this company for 30-plus years, I am particularly proud of the success of Ervin Cable Construction," Sen. Ridley said. "I am also pleased this expansion will allow them to provide even more jobs in Union County. This company has been a good corporate friend to Union County for more than three decades and I wish it continued growth and prosperity."
Rep. Suzanne Miles, of Owensboro, thanked the company for its commitment to the community.
"Ervin Cable continues to be a shining star of Union County," Rep. Miles said. "We all appreciate their love for the people of our area and the opportunity to bring more great jobs to our region. Thanks to the Ervin family for their faith and commitment to invest in Kentucky."
Union County Judge-Executive Jody Jenkins said Ervin Cable's presence has a positive impact on more than just Union County.
"I am always pleased to hear of companies expanding. Ervin Cable Construction is a vital part of not only Union County but of the entire region," Judge Jenkins said. "As a result of the expansion more people in the area will have the chance to go to work. The addition of new jobs is always welcomed and exciting news."
Donna Crooks, vice president of economic development with Kyndle (Kentucky Network for Development, Leadership and Engagement), said the organization is proud to have had a hand in making the investment a reality.
"It's always great news to see existing companies continue to invest more," Crooks said. "Ervin Cable Construction is making a large investment in its Union county facility which will create new jobs and capital investment. Kyndle is pleased that it could help and looks forward to working with them for many years to come."


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