Are You Getting the Most Out of Social Media Marketing?

Oh, how times have changed from just a few years ago. Today, small business owners are using social media marketing in a big way. Some 73 percent already use it or are planning to start doing so in 2016, reports a survey by Clutch. In fact, social media has become the number-one marketing tool for small businesses—ahead of even company websites (which just 65 percent of small business owners in the Clutch poll have.)

But how well are small business owners doing with social media marketing, and what kinds of results are they getting? Here’s what Clutch found

In general, small business owners are focused on the basics. Facebook is by far the most popular social network; 89 percent of companies in the survey use it. Twitter is used by 49 percent, LinkedIn by 42 percent, Pinterest by 31 percent and Instagram by 28 percent. Less popular are Snapchat (11 percent), Vine (8 percent), Medium and Reddit (both 6 percent) and Periscope (4 percent).

When it comes to activity on social media, small business owners are doing very well. Just 11 percent of those who are active on social media say that they post inconsistently. The vast majority of entrepreneurs post at least once a week or more often: 35 percent post weekly, 26 percent post several times a day, and 18 percent post once a day.

As for social media metrics, small business owners still have a ways to go. Their primary means of tracking the success of social media is measuring views (51 percent), posts and interactions (34 percent), audience growth (32 percent) and shares (30 percent). Only about one-fourth (28 percent) of small business owners in the survey say they measure the relationship between social media activity and actual revenue generation; 22 percent say they measure conversions.

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