Kentucky wins Site Selection Governors Cup for a second year in a row

Kentucky and Texas have won the 2015 Site Selection Governors Cups. This is the third year Site Selection recognizes the state with the most qualifying new and expanded facilities per capita, which Kentucky claims for its capital investment activity in 2015. Texas wins for having the most qualified projects of any state.

The 62-year-old Atlanta-based magazine has awarded the Governor’s Cup annually since 1988 to the U.S. state with the most new and expanded corporate facilities as tracked by the Conway Projects Database.

The Lone Star State’s 702-project finish for 2015 is up from its 689-project, first place finish last year but is comfortably ahead of the runners-up in the traditional Governor’s Cup facilities race: Ohio is second with 517, followed by Illinois (413), North Carolina (300) and Kentucky (285). In the per capita (per 1 million population) contest, Kentucky’s 285 projects won the day, followed by Nebraska (118), Ohio (517), Illinois (413) and Kansas (93).

“These are the same winning states in their respective categories as last year, and both are under new leadership in the governor’s office,” says Mark Arend, editor in chief of Site Selection. “Both governors tell me they are very proud of the economic development professionals in their states who do the hard work year in and year out of attracting new businesses and retaining existing ones. And both are committed to maintaining and building on the capital investment success they currently enjoy.”

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin is bringing his business world experience to bear as he meets with existing and prospective capital investors. “That experience already has given me the ability to connect with some of our business community, and that has given me some hope and excitement that as sharp as we have been, we will be sharper still in the years to come.”

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