Kyndle Gift Certificate program now open to enrollment for Stakeholders

Dear Kyndle Stakeholders,

Kyndle is committed to promoting and supporting our stakeholders.

One of Kyndle's best programs which supports our stakeholders is our gift certificate program. This program is a yearlong arrangement which promotes shopping at Kyndle businesses. 

In 16 years we have sold over $855,000 in gift certificates. This is $855,000 that was spent with our stakeholders.  

Gift certificates are sold in $10, $15, and $25 denominations at the Kyndle office and are redeemable at any participating Kyndle stakeholder business.  Participating businesses will be advertised on the back side of the gift certificate. 

The only cost involved is a small registration fee. Participating businesses are reimbursed by Kyndle for the full face value of the certificates. It truly is a win-win deal.

Stakeholders that wish to participate in the gift certificate program must enroll in it.  The gift certificates will be promoted in the media and with employers. 

Gift certificates are ideal for holiday gifts, anniversaries, safety awards, appreciation gifts, secretary's day, door prizes, as well as for incentives, attendance rewards, goal achievements and lots more.  

If you would like to participate in the gift certificate program or would like more information, please contact Donna Warren at or call (270) 826-7505.  

 Thank you for your consideration.



Margaret Ridley

Vice President of Business Support


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