The Art of Workforce Development

Across pockets of the Bluegrass State, kids of all ages are delving into cool, project-based learning designed to build a future workforce that embraces technology in every facet of corporate growth.

Forget routine memorization, or weeks of pop quizzes as primary learning tools. Career paths are now crafted around visionary undertakings of their own design: building robots; planning a satellite payload; constructing a building; wiring a circuit board; building a 3-D printer; or making sporty transportation like skateboards from start to finish.

Workforce development with clear intent toward tech and advanced manufacturing careers has become a groundswell in the commonwealth as corporations, educational institutions, parents and even students realize that the future is now. Across the state there are many unfilled jobs that require technology training – usually with math and science underpinnings – and that number is only increasing. To stay competitive, business and industry today pursue productivity and process improvements at a rate that has outpaced static training and education models.

The goal is a workforce pool that not only possesses tech know-how but knows how to be creative and problem-solve within that realm. It’s driving executives and administrators to build innovative thought processes into the skills development process, in classrooms and in the broader environment.

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