Shopping locally has its benefits

Shopping at local merchants can bring benefits to the community and to shoppers themselves, Downtown Henderson Partnership Executive Director Laura Peck said Monday as the Christmas shopping season approached the midway point.

"For every $100 spent locally, $73 remains in the local economy," Peck told a Kyndle Brown Bag lunch audience during a presentation on the Love What's Local campaign here. By comparison, she said, for every $100 spent at a big-box store, just $43 remains in the community.

"It's very important to spend with local businesses," she said. "It keeps the money local."

Shopping in your community, rather than out of town or online, also generates local tax revenue that helps fund vital services such as the police and fire departments, Peck noted.

"It helps keep the community viable," she said.

"Anything you can do to support your community and growth in the community is a great thing," Peck said.

And shopping local doesn't just mean shopping downtown; she sees it as a communitywide mission.

"With Love What's Local, a lot of people think it's just DHP," Peck said. "Although we're the ones who started it" in 2013 — along with the Henderson Chamber of Commerce (now called Kyndle), the Henderson County Tourist Commission and some local businesses — "it's something we want all our local businesses to use."

Meanwhile, local merchants throughout the community offer "diverse products that you wouldn't normally find in big-box stores," she said.

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