Encouraging volunteerism can help businesses, workers

This is a time of year when many minds turn to serving others, whether it's dropping some money in the Salvation Army kettle or "adopting" a needy child through the Angel Tree program.

As a new year approaches, it might also be a time for businesses to consider engaging their employees in volunteerism in 2016.

"There are benefits from volunteering for individuals and businesses," according to Megan Mortis Casey, the executive director of the Volunteer and Information Center of Henderson.

Americans have a long history of volunteering, according to Casey, who has a background working for nonprofits, including St. Anthony's Hospice, the Alzheimer's Association and the Green River Area Development District.

Back in 1736, Benjamin Franklin organized a volunteer fire department, the Union Fire Company, in Philadelphia. Americans volunteered in a variety of ways during the Revolutionary War and Civil War.

In the wake of the Great Awakening religious revivals of the 18th and 19th centuries, people began organizing social aid organizations — the YMCA, the Red Cross, the United Way and more.

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