The Entrepreneur's Guide to World-Class Customer Service

As entrepreneurs, we're constantly trying to encourage more people to buy what we're selling. But of course, we can't succeed until we learn how to deliver a truly world-class client experience that differentiates us from our competitors. 

The key is to create a customer-driven culture -- and that's what Shep Hyken is all about. Hyken has been dazzling clients since the tender age of 12 when he started his first business as a birthday party magician. He's since gone on to help firms from American Express to Winn-Dixie excel at delivering amazing client experiences consistently. Along the way, he's earned the CPAE's Hall of Fame speaker award, written the bestselling books The Cult of the Customer and The Amazement Revolution, and been endorsed by customer service exemplars like Zappo's and Ritz-Carlton Hotels.

Here are six of Hyken's strategies that will help you nail the client experience at every step.

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